Her Bones Are Coral Made

when we have eaten fearsome fancies long enough we shall become noble; perhaps even become handsome.

I have been growing my hair out since I was fifteen
and this is the most interesting thing about me. It’s not
an easy thing, accepting that the boys I love go home
to other people at the end of the day. Yet the world
continues to turn. I play my music loudly and do not
apologize for it. Maybe I should tell you that I’ve been
hiding love affairs in shoe boxes that I stash beneath
my bed. At the hair salon the other day, when the
stylist was trimming my split ends, I decided that I
never want to get married. I’m too sentimental for the
21st century and cry over modern things, like plumbing
and airports and espresso machines. I will have more
boyfriends and I know this. I do not apologize for it.
Sometimes I am really afraid of the knife in my hands
as I chop up onions and potatoes and peppers. I say
change and expect it to happen instantly. I lose the same
things, repeatedly, over and over again. An untwinned
earring. Hair ties. Mechanical pencils. A secret is:
I’ll love you. Even when I don’t.

Kristina Haynes, “I Have Been Growing My Hair Out Since I Was Fifteen”  (via precious-wasted-love)

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cute things to call your girlfriend:
1. sugar
2. honey
3. flour
4. egg
5. salt
6. 1/2lb butter
7. stir thoroughly
8. pour into baking pan
9. preheat oven to 375°
10. bake for 15 minutes
11. enjoy

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